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Food distribution

Hijaz Community members began distributing delicious home-made food to our neighbours in the spirit of Ramadan

“with parents (proceed with them) favourably, and with close relatives and friends and impoverished (people); and your neighbour that is close to your neighbourhood, and the neighbour that is remote from you; and the companion by your side and the traveller”

  • Noble Quran Chapter 4, Verse 36

This year, due to necessary restrictions with the Covid 19 pandemic, we are pledging to deliver 4,000 food packages to not only our neighbours, but also to front-line workers, who have worked tirelessly to serve our community. This includes GP surgeries, the Police, the Fire Service, the local council and waste management teams, including street cleaners, bin-men and gardeners.

Please click here to see all the pictures on Facebook and comments from our happy neighbours