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Hijaz Sanctuary

The expansive grounds of Hijaz are a spiritual sanctuary, encompassing the Mosque, the Blessed Seat the Mausoleum of His Eminence Hazrat Abdul Wahab Siddiqi RA, and the Garden of Blessings.

Nestled within the heart of the Hijaz grounds lays the resting place of His Eminence Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Wahab Siddiqi Sahib (RA). The esteemed Shaykh desired to have his final resting place in Hijaz, Nuneaton. People from all over the world visit to pay respects, for contemplation and blessings. This is the first ever mausoleum of a Muslim Saint in Western Europe.

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Typically, a Blessed Seat is established by the presence of a Mausoleum of a Muslim Saint and is complimented by the presence of a living Principal Blessed Guide. The purpose of a Blessed Seat is to have an environment of Islamic values in practice.

The original Blessed Seat was created by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as the ultimate source of guidance to creation. This responsibility of guidance was given to successors throughout history who were formally authorised to continue the responsibility of spiritual guidance. Today, guidance is still administered by a Principal Blessed Guide who continues this responsibility.

The role of the Principal Blessed Guide is to provide guidance to people in various matters of their lives to help them overcome their personal challenges and connect to their true purpose.

The Blessed Seat in Hijaz is a centre for people to visit in order to:

  • Contemplate and self-reflect on the meaning of their lives
  • Seek guidance and knowledge
  • Understand and practice acts of Islamic worship (e.g. meditation and devotional worship
  • Develop themselves to improve their character
  • Serve others through various community activities (e.g. out-reach initiatives, teaching, looking after the environment and serving food for spiritual blessings)
  • Develop their spiritual connection with the Creator

Globally, Blessed Seats are visited by people from a wide range of backgrounds and faiths who seek personal and spiritual enrichment. The reasons people visit vary, many state that their reasons for visiting are:

  • Pay their respects at the shrine of a Muslim Saint
  • Seclude themselves from the burdens and distractions of life
  • Find inner peace within a spiritual sanctuary
  • Seek acceptance of their prayers to the Creator
  • Seek guidance from the Principal Blessed Guide
  • Participate in voluntary work and serve creation
  • Discipline the ego and seek selflessness

Hijaz encompasses a unique private Muslim graveyard in the Garden of Blessings. The burial plots are freehold for eternity and allow family members to bury their loved ones in a peaceful and quiet resting place. The tranquil environment has beautiful recitation of the Quran constantly which promotes a sense of calm for everyone.

If you are interested in arranging a resting place for you or a loved one, visit the website: