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Visit Hijaz

Welcome to Hijaz.

We are glad that you want to find out more about Hijaz and what we do.

Hijaz is a unique Islamic place not just in the United Kingdom, but in the Western Hemisphere whose foundations are Islamic, but its passion welcomes all people irrespective of colour, background, age, or faith.

Hijaz will be an experience like no other for people of other faiths or no faith, as well as Muslims.

People of different faiths or no faith: this will be a unique experience to satisfy your curiosity. A day of contemplation, finding out who you are, asking life questions and reflecting on the meaning of your life as well as getting answers to questions about Islam and Muslims. You can ask all those questions you may have about Islam or even about your own life, but never had the opportunity to get the answer. Perhaps there are questions you felt you could not ask. We want you to ask those questions. We hope you will leave refreshed and with a basic understanding about the meaning of your life, Islam and Muslims.

People of Muslim faith: this is an opportunity to learn about Islam where religious people and institutions have failed to entertain and evidence questions. You can ask questions no others want to answer – for no question or topic is outside the realms of Islam. An opportunity to better understand the true beauty of Islam and self-reflect.

Whether you are seeking peace or space for reflection and contemplation or simply curious about people who follow the religion of Islam and are Muslim, Hijaz provides the place and the space to find out more in a safe environment.

We believe that your visit will educate and enrich your life. All of this and in a framework of Islam and Islamic service, and tradition. Let us feed your curiosity and interest.

Your day with us will cover an introduction to:

  1. The Basics of Islam – we will answer any questions about Islam and Muslims
  2. This Blessed Seat, which is established by the presence of a living Principal Blessed Guide. The purpose of a Blessed Seat is be a focus and a sanctuary for the practical manifestation of Islamic guidance and values. It is an opportunity to experience the best of both the material and spiritual world and to reflect and to focus on your purpose.
  3.  Mausoleum – is the final resting place of the founder of Hijaz. An opportunity to be in a `place of the manifestation of God’s mercy` on earth. People visit the mausoleum to self-reflect, ask for acceptance of their prayers through the blessing of the Saint and to find inner peace whilst shedding the burdens of every day life.
  4. Garden of Blessing – a place of peace and tranquillity. Understand the etiquettes of visiting graves. An opportunity to self-reflect on the limitations and context of life and the hereafter. To think about what happens when the physical life of a human being ends and another phase in the life of the spirit begins - `life after death`. To be inspired to make the most of life and think about what comes next.
  5. Learn about the standing of music and poetry in Islam - Within the Islamic tradition, music is used as a form of meditation and remembrance of the Creator and to amplify the worshippers acts of devotion. The purest source of melody is in fact through the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. It offers an opportunity for a new experience to soothe the soul.
  6. Find out about the basic principles of Islam. These principles set out the harmonious acts of living and balance spiritual and material life in this world.
  7. Find out why Muslims Fast - The purpose of fasting is for Muslims to establish a strong connection with their Creator and seek His pleasure. Fasting is deemed as the month of mercy, but it also instils a sense of self-discipline for anyone who wishes to fast whether for religious reasons or health reasons – we know that fasting contributes towards good health for all.
  8. Find out about Islamic culture and especially why Muslims dress the way they do – modesty in encouraged in Islam for both men and women. Clothing worn by Muslims vary across the world, but the common feature is for both men and women to dress modestly.

We welcome all people to Hijaz.  In addition, we are happy to cater for specific groups:

School trips: an opportunity for young people to not just site in a classroom and learn about Islam but to learn and experience Islam in practice giving children an understanding of their Muslim friends, building relationships and helping to build community cohesion.

Professionals: Whether in your daily lives socialising, at work or providing a service, it’s an opportunity to gain knowledge of Islam, self-reflect and better understand living as a British citizen and a Muslim.  This will enable better engagement with Muslim colleagues whether in a work or social setting and it will enable better community relations.

Elderly: Hijaz is a place of peace and tranquillity and visiting us would provide a place of reflection and learning. An opportunity to feel contentment, self-worth without the shackles of the outside world.  It will help you to understand the special status enjoyed by the elderly in Islamic culture and how a Muslim is gifted by Allah Almighty to look after their elderly parents.

 A change of scene: if you are on your own, exhausted in life or would like to be in our uplifting environment or just want to experience the best in our multi-cultural society you are most welcome to visit us.  We offer company, an opportunity to engage, meet people and learn something new in a welcoming environment.

Let us take you on a journey of knowledge, to a welcoming place of peace and tranquillity.

We hope that you take the opportunity to take time out, have a new and different experience and take time for learning and self-reflection.  An experience that helps to build understanding between religions, communities and people leading to a more peaceful and coherent society and global community.

And, of course, this means also experiencing first hand Muslim hospitality during you visit to Hijaz including the provision of food and good company.

There is no charge for visiting Hijaz – your company is enough for us.  We look forward to you giving us the opportunity to serve you.

If you would like to make a booking for a school or organisation, please complete the following form:

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